RAF 54 Squadron in Australia, Unsung Heroes

Harry Holey, an avid photographer, joined the RAF in 1939 aged 18 and served at a number of UK bases, including Hornchuch during the Battle of Britain. His trade was Radio mechanic and he serviced Harry Broadhurst’s aircraft during 1940 and also met Douglas Bader on a couple of occasions. Harry often reminisced about his years with the RAF in Australia and all the friends he met there. He would have liked to have returned after the war however he married Doreen in 1946 and decided to stay in the UK. Harry passed away in August 2017 aged 96. His wife Doreen still lives in the UK.
(Information kindly supplied by his good friend Bill Chisholm)

Harold Scholey, Service Number 1503770 was born on 13th September 1915 and served in the British RAF from July 1941 to June 1946 and following the bombing of Darwin was stationed in Australia.(Possibly May 1945 to March 1946). On arrival in Australia, he camped at the Melbourne Cricket Ground with other allied servicemen and was then deployed to Darwin as a Leading Aircraftman and Radio Telephony Operator. It is understood that he may have been based on an island offshore to spot and report on incoming enemy aircraft. Whilst serving in Australia Hitler’s forces bombed his home and the city of Hull. Without a home to return to, the family found themselves in poverty and Harry emigrated to Australia with his children in the 1960’s (Information kindly supplied by his Granddaughter Cath Lyons who is looking for more information on Harold’s story)